Frequently Asked Questions

What is Windsor PhotoBooth?

  • Windsor PhotoBooth is a rentable photo booth for your special event, wedding reception, corporate party, birthday party, or any event where you want to give your guests the experience that will set you apart from the rest!  Dont waste money on party favours that guests end up leaving behind. Rent our photobooth and guests will have a memory to take with them that they wont forget!

How Does Windsor PhotoBooth Work?

  • Step into the booth, follow the on-screen instructions, and pose. Our 20″ monitor will countdown while allowing you to view  yourself .  The booth with shoot 4 pictures, with a few seconds between so you have time to change poses. Use the booth for casual pictures, or get creative with items from our accessory/prop box!

Which Package is right for my event?

  • We offer 3 packages with many different options to meet your needs. The 3 hour Premium Package is ideal for smaller events with under 200 people. The 4 hour Premium Package is the most popular for wedding receptions and corporate events with 250+ guests. The Platinum Package will cover a large wedding reception with 400+ people, with 5.5 hours of operation. This package allows you 1.5 hours of operation before dinner, a 2 hour break for dinner, then 4 hours of operation after dinner. If you have any questions regarding our packages, or which package would be right for your event, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How far in advance do i need to book to secure my date?

  • We recommend you book us as soon as you have your event date 100% set. Most wedding receptions book anywhere from 6 months to 12 months in advance. While short-notice booking is accepted, we do not recommend it. We keep our availability calendar up to date at all times, and include a form to inquire about securing a date. Securing an event date requires a $300 non-refundable deposit as well as a signed contract. The remainder of the balance is due 10 days in advance of your event. Event dates can be changed if the date is available. Upon cancellation, the balance is refundable, the $300 deposit is not refundable. We accept cash, cheque, debit, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Will someone from Windsor PhotoBooth be at my event?

  • We provide a professional host to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests from start to finish.  Our hosts are technically trained to operate, and ensure that you get the best use of your photo booth. Your booth will be set up 2 hours prior to your event. Depending on the operating start time, the host will return to start your service.

When Do I Get My Photos?

  • Your photos print on the spot and will be ready a few seconds after you step out of the booth. Online galleries will be on the Event Gallery page within 24 hours of the event and ready for you to share with your friends! Prints can be kept by your guests, or kept for your memories. We also offer a photo/guest book option if you wish to keep prints for your memories. If you choose this option, we recommend our dual strip layout which prints 2 copies on one 4×6 print. 1 set will go into the book, and your guests can keep the other set. Double print options are available for full 4×6 layouts if you would like to keep a set for the book, and have your guests keep a set. What you do with the photos is totally up to you!

Can i provide my own photo/guest book?

  • Yes, but you must also provide everything associated with it, including someone to watch over the process. We offer a $200 photo/guest book option with our premium packages, and also supply the table, glue, and markers. This is included in the pricing of the Platinum package.

Is there a limit to how many photos we can take?

  • You and your guests can take unlimited photos for the duration of your rental. This of course is limited to the amount of time people take to get in and out of the booth. The average is 35-40 sessions per hour.

How Many People Does Windsor PhotoBooth Hold?

  • Windsor PhotoBooth will fit as many as 10 people at once.

How Much Space Does Windsor PhotoBooth Use? Where Should it be?

  • Our booth needs 6’x7′ of space and 7.5′ height clearance, and also needs an electrical outlet close by. We also recommend an extra 3’x6′ for a Photo/Guest Book table. We recommend setting up the photobooth out of the way from major aspects of your party (dance floor, main tables, cake table, DJ, etc). Directly inside the entrance to your hall is ideal. Depending on the venue, it can also be setup in the lobby. If it is a multi-hall venue, setting up at the back of your hall is recommended so wandering guests from other events don’t hop in your booth, and take time away from you and your guests. We are no longer servicing outdoor events.

My event is not on the main floor, is that a problem?

  • As long as the venue is wheelchair accessible (ramp, elevator, or lift) it is not a problem. 

How is windsor photobooth different from other photobooth rentals?

  • Our booth was designed and built to be completely portable so we don’t have to charge for delivery and set up. The entire system was developed by industry leading software engineers using the best technology available and is unmatched by anyone in the industry. Powered by professional grade equipment, we guarantee the best service with a guaranteed 95% up-time, the most options, and the highest possible quality to make your event unforgettable!